Are you looking for a specialist in the area of galvanic plant engineering? Then you are certainly at the right place.

We set up new installations and carry out maintenance as well as repair work of already existing installations.

Our range of services also includes supplying all the spare parts.

Together with you we will analyse your individual needs and develop customized solutions – from best practices to prototypes.

Our customers include numerous well-known companies in the field of galvanic technology. Our area of application extends all over Europe.


Stoisser Reinhold


Reliable quality: You can take our word for it!


State-of-the-art production system in the area of galvanic technology.

We produce automatic and manual installations in the area of galvanic technology. The concept of „everything from one single source“ has proven itself over decades. If you are considering a new installation or if you want to modify or rebuild an existing installation, we are the right people for you. You can receive single containers made from various materials, such as PP, PVDF, PVC or stainless steel which can either be self-installed or installed by us. We also supply spare parts for all the connected machines, such as filter pumps, contact cables and the like. We would be happy to come by and together with you, on site, work out possible modification or maintenance plans, of course without further obligation.


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Environmental-, safety-, and health protection are extremely important to us!

Being part of the chemical industry, we are well aware of the responsibilities we have for the environment. Also, our customers justifiably demand stricter regulations for environmental-, safety-, and health related situations. That is why climate sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us.

We choose environmentally friendly processes and pay particular attention to water waste treatment.

The water produced as a result of these processes is physicochemically cleaned and put back into circulation. This way, our customers are spared the high expenses of water, waste-water and sewage use.

Waste fumes are exhausted to a great extent. The installations comply with a modern personnel protection. All of our production processes are accompanied by constant analysis and gapless documentation, ensuring an eco-friendly and up-to date production.


Through experimentation, Luigi Galvani discovered that muscles contract under the influence of static electricity. He laid the foundation for the discovery of electrochemical cells ( also known as galvanic cells). Galvanism was discovered

Josef Stoisser entered the exciting world of galvanism. During the 70´s he acquired extensive knowledge and a lot of experience in this field. Josef Stoisser founded the „Josef Stoisser waste-water-, exhaust air-, and installation engineering“ in a garage in the Styrian city Leibnitz during the 90´s. He is equipped with 25 years of experience in the field of chemistry and galvanic technology and has an iron will to succeed by using his own ideas.

As a „veteran“ in the field of galvanic technology, he uses his know-how and his social connections to implement international projects right from the start. At the same time, he offers services in all possible dimensions – from providing customized tubs for electroplating to planning and realizing entire coating installations for large-scale industries.

Besides our central market in Austria, since the beginning our focus has also been on Central- and South-east Europe as well as Italy.
Years later, Reinhold Stoisser follows his father´s, (Josef Stoisser´s) footsteps, who eventually retires but still remains on board as a consultant. Reinhold Stoisser brings along a successful background in the field of technology.


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